Where’s the 500 Buzz?

It’s May 10 and I’m still not feeling it. MAY 10th! Perhaps it’s because the track isn’t open yet, or that I haven’t received my race tickets. Maybe it’s the lousy weather Indianapolis is enduring right now. Whatever the cause, the 500 buzz that I usually feel around May 1 isn’t there.

Moving the GMR Grand Prix back a week might not have been such a good idea. The later date has kept things low key as we wait for the track to open halfway through the month. I felt a little bit of excitement when I picked up my Bronze Badge at the track last week. The email from the speedway telling me my tickets had been mailed perked me up some as well, but that high withered when the blue envelope still hadn’t arrived by Saturday.

What will it take to get the buzz going again? Being at the track first thing Friday morning after my traditional Opening Day breakfast at Charlie Brown’s should do the trick. It has been two years since I have been inside the track during May. It was nice seeing some racing at IMS in October, but it wasn’t the same. Friday can’t get here soon enough.

There are some racing friends I haven’t seen since the 2019 500. I am excited to see them again as well. Sadly some are skipping this year, too, but it will be great to see those who do attend. I am normally a patient person except for one month a year. I hope the schedule returns to a more regular path in 2022.

Meanwhile, I will set my alarm for Friday morning, hope my 500 tickets arrive this week, and get my buzz restarted.

8 thoughts on “Where’s the 500 Buzz?

  1. Although, I live four hours away – I feel the lack of buzz also. The late tickets are part of it. Also so many of the “typical” things have been scaled back or eliminated. Some are due to COVID, some are not. As much as we enjoy, Beyond the Bricks, I miss my nightly dose of Donald Davidson too.
    BTW…The GMR Grand Prix is where it always is; two weeks before the race. It’s just the calendar has pushed the race back to its latest possible date this year, thus giving us five weekends in May this year.


    1. I get 5he calendar but it just seems late. The lack of build up events has really squished enthusiasm, but after last year it seems normal. Sad


  2. I agree with you Mike, and with George. I think the whole uncertainty of the entire event – whether that’s delayed tickets, scaled back or canceled events, new ownership, whatever else – is affecting a lot of the hype. It just don’t feel like May. Yet.

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  3. I feel you!… The uncertainty of it all…no tickets yet, not knowing WHERE my seats are….Will the politicians pull the plug…more accommodation cancelations…IF 40% actually do get to attend are we going to be wearing Space Helmets standing 6 ft apart to get a burger??? Will the normal “Charity” food tents be up and selling…Will the Georgetown Vendors be there…
    It’s the complete uncertainty that really has us sort of blue… Having been vaccinated for over 2 months and NOT wearing masks or rubber shoes the prospect of walking around with the Indy Karen Police waiting to pounce really has tampened my enthusiasm…for now. I blame nobody at the Track for this. I do ENOUGH…let’s Do Indy!


      1. Mike

        Do you or anyone you are aware of do any reporting/writing about the goings on at the Wisconsin International Raceway or the Crandon International Off Road Raceway? I live near WIR and Summertime spend a lot of time at Crandon… (Also 20 minutes from home to Road America).

        Thanks for your blog posts on Indy. The mood may be tamped down a bit but dang it…This is INDY in MAY!!!! 🙂

        On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 11:56 AM The Pit Window by Mike Silver wrote:

        > thepitwindow commented: “Thanks for reading my Brian. We are all > frustrates and I hope everyone can take a deep breath on May 30 when the > opening ceremonies begin.” >


      2. ‘m sorry, i know nothing about those tracks and have only heard them mentioned once or twice. You might check with Dave Kallman of the Milwaukee journal sentinel. he is on twitter and might be able to steer you to someone who knows those tracks.

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