Quick Thoughts on a Rainy Race Day

Indycar made quite an effort to get the race in Sunday. From my viewing point’, I could see water pooling in turn 5. I understand turn1 had a similar issue.

It was the right call to postpone the race. Conditions were horrible and safety was compromised. Might a better call been to move up the race another hour? Probably could have gotten an official race in then.

I am very impressed by the fans in Alabama. There were more people at Barber yesterday than I expected. I left to get to my car at 4:45 and still.  quite a few fans had stayed. After a record Saturday crowd of more than 34,000, I can’t imagine what yesterday’s attendance would have been on a dry day. This race has become a big event here.

Allowing the cars to refuel and change tires before today’s restart is unfair to the handful of teams that pitted on lap 13.  Today is supposed to be a resumption,, not a do over.

A huge shutout to all the track workers who tried for so many hours to get the track in race shape. The fans appreciated your efforts.

One thing about a race in the rain- I love rooster tails on race cars.


8 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on a Rainy Race Day

  1. I agree that it is unfair to allow cars to refuel. However, if this is a dry re-start – I have no problem with the tire change. They’d all have to do it on the first lap anyway, thus allowing them to refuel. Therefore, I guess both make sense when I think about it further.


      1. I think they’re saying it’s the remaining hour and 26 minutes or 90laps whichever comes first. My tire comments assumed it would be a a wet start.


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