A Nashville Dining Guide

It’s Race Week in Nashville as Indycar returns to action after a month long break. The inaugural Music City Grand Prix begins Friday. I had not spent any time in Nashville until this week, and in my time away from the hospital I have been able to explore the city and sample some places to eat and drink. Most of the places in this piece are out of the downtown area. If you are staying downtown, you will need to drive to these spots. Fortunately Nashville is a very compact area and nothing is really far away.

I began a conversation with a man at a bar this evening who added to my experiences. He has an office in a high rise building downtown and has a great view of the track from there. He was well aware of the race and is excited to see it. The guy has even heard of Josef Newgarden.

Closer to downtown on West End around 20th Avenue, three places I enjoyed are Las Palmas for Mexican food, Amerigo, for Italian, and Jasper’s. Las Palmas is very economical , America is a bit on the high end but not outrageous, and Jasper’s is somewhere in the middle. My new friend made several barbecue recommendations as well. Martin’s BBQ on Elliston Point, Peg Leg Porker on Leads St., Central Barbecue on 21st Avenue South.

I discovered a nice little area with many shops, restaurants, and bars just a block or so from Vanderbilt University Hospital. It’s a three block area called Hillsboro Village. My favorite place in the village is Pizza Perfect. The name is not a lie. The pizza is outstanding.

I had a drink at Double Dogs, a sports bar with large television screens on every wall.

I am planning to have breakfast at Pancake Pantry tomorrow. I hear you need to get there early. The sign boasts 23 different pancakes. I probably won’t try them all.

Yesterday I had lunch at Athens, a Greek restaurant on Belmont, directly across from Belmont University. It is worth the drive, which really isn’t that long.

Marti Update: The doctors at Vanderbilt believe she has an autoimmune issue and are treating it. She is in the middle of the course of treatment. Her blood pressure is improving and is more consistent. She has a PET scan this morning to see if there are any other issues. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and cards. We think we are on the right track.

I will be heading back to Indy for a few days and return to Nashville Thursday. Look for race coverage all week.

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  1. All good choices. Any visitor to be Nashville must try Arnold’s Country Kitchen on 8th Ave South..,just a few blocks south of downtown. Jack’s is another good BBQ spot. If you like Chinese, check out Lucky Bamboo west of town on Charlotte. Also on Charlotte is ML Rose, a good burger spot but a little pricey. Another hidden gem that is closer to downtown is Germantown Pub on Rosa Parks Blvd.


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