Watching a Race in Style

My first stop at the Speedway was the new Hulman Club Suites above Grandstand C.  The track opened it to everyone today, even though it is sold out for this year and there is a waiting list for next year. My first thoughts: Impressive. Luxurious. Outstanding track views. Refuge from the elements. Hot food. This is an amazing space.

Outside the clubhouse on the south end  is a full bar. You can enjoy your beverage there or take it back to your seat or table inside.  Inside hot meals are available for purchase.  Three screens keep fans up to date on track activity. In addition to a video screen, another one shows the on track location of each car, and the third screen displays a timing report.

The views from the seating area outside allow viewing of a lot of the track and the pits. The north end offers a view of turns 3 and 4 plus a look down the front stretch into turn 1. I wouldn’t mind having seats here for the race, club or no club.

I hope the photos below give you a sense of  this space. Next week, a posting on changes I’ve seen at the track and one on my favorite race cars.


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