Quick Thoughts- Hybrid Power to Indycar in 2022

First, it’s about time! I have wondered why Indycar had not done this sooner.

I like that the cars  will have 900 horsepower and that the noise of the cars won’t be affected.

Onboard starters- about time again. This should reduce yellow flags during races even more. It will definitely make for fewer red flags during practice sessions.

This opens the door for a third OEM. Perhaps Porsche will reconsider joining? I have heard and thought that lack of a hybrid component was the hangup in getting a new engine manufacturer.

I don’t mind waiting another year for new features.  I’m interested to see how the new larger  engine will alter the shape of the bodywork on the car.

I’m not sure this will increase the size of the field, but it could.

PLEASE do not call this a Power Unit. It’s still an engine.

I will be back later today with more details. I’m heading to IMS for an adventure I will talk about tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts- Hybrid Power to Indycar in 2022

  1. I’m sure IndyCar has been looking into this for a while because it was an obvious asset in attracting new manufacturers. I would expect the hold up was due to making sure their current two manufacturers were on board, otherwise they would have jumped when Porsche said “hybrid”.

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