New Name, New Logo – Thoughts

The name change is now official. 2019’s Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports is now Arrow McLaren SP. The new logo above was published via twitter this morning.   I find the logo rather blah. It is simply a block A with the bar bent to resemble an M.

Sam Schmidt founded the team after his racing career ended after a practice crash in Texas left him a quadriplegic.  After success with his Indy Lights program, Schmidt has been a full time team in the NTT Indycar Seriessince 2011. I understand it’s a business deal, but I think Schmidt deserves  more recognition in the team name and logo.

The logo does not give any recognition to Sam Schmidt or Rick Peterson. Even the new team name gives the original team owners little recognition.  I would have thought companies like Arrow and McLaren together could have come up with a more dynamic looking symbol for their team. This just doesn’t say this is a racing organization to me.

Arrow McLaren SP has not announced the driver of its second car, although pato O’Ward is now the front runner for that seat. As of now James Hinchcliffe is still in the number 5 car.

2 thoughts on “New Name, New Logo – Thoughts

  1. Looks like the silhouette of a ladder to me.

    They would have been better off stacking the Arrow logo on top of the McLaren logo and tossing the SP right behind the McLaren text, like Ganassi has long done when his teams have been title sponsored. No, that doesn’t have the slick modern look of brewpub in downtown Asheville, NC… but I don’t think racing team logos need to do that. Arrow and McLaren are paying for this team, so this is surely their call, but it is curious that this logo lacks either company’s signature branding.


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