Power is Bumped; Greatest 33 Non Winners Grid has a Slot Open

Thank you for the great response to my repost of the Greatest 33 Non Winners project. Will Power, who sits 18th on my list, obviously no longer qualifies for this listing. Who should take his place? I’m leaving that up to you. Please send me your suggestions by leaving a comment on this post as to who you think should be added to the list. Please state your case for the driver you nominate.

I’m looking at the driver’s Indianapolis 500 record only. If Lewis Hamilton started running the 500 but never finished better than 17th in this race, he wouldn’t qualify. In keeping with the old qualifying tradition, the driver will enter the grid in 33rd position. Everyone below Power will move up one spot.

I can’t wait to see who will join the field.

The Greatest Driver

Yesterday afternoon I watched the Netflix documentary A Life of Speed- The Juan Manuel Fangio Story. I will review it tomorrow. I loved the footage of the Formula 1 races from the 1950s and hearing and seeing the names of the drivers I grew up with.