NBCSN Race Week Features Some Recent Indycar Classics

The iRacing has been fun. We can’t have actual new races this year yet, although I’m hopeful we can get in a few of them this summer and fall. Staring tomorrow, though, we can relive some of the best moments of the last few years in Indycar on NBCSN.

Seven Indycar races, including two Indianapolis 500s, will be part of the 60hours of racing shown on the current home of Indycar on television.

The schedule (all times Eastern)

Monday  3 pm   2015 Fontana

Tuesday  3 pm 2017 Long Beach

Thursday    1 pm 2019 Indycar Grand Prix

8 pm 2019 Indianapolis 500

11 pm  Drive Like Andretti

2 am 2016 Indianapolis 500

Saturday  10 pm 2015 Sonoma

Sunday      12:30 am  2016 Texas

I’m excited to relive some of these great moments of the last five years of Indycar. I would have preferred some much  older races. For times like this we need Speed to return.

I’ll be back tomorrow with updated thoughts on the current Indycar season.