A Few Notes of Thanks

In spite of all the craziness in my personal life this summer, it was still a decent year. I didn’t get to as many races as I had planned to, but sometimes life gets in the way of fun. Still I want to share things I am thankful for.

First, I am thankful that Marti is on her way to recovery Her progress in the last month since she has been home has been amazing. She may drive for the first time since June this weekend.

We could not have reached this point without the help of the amazing medical staff at Vanderbilt University, who solved a big piece of the puzzle. Marti couldn’t even sit up in bed before we got there. Their guidance led us to Community North Hospital back in Indianapolis, where an MRI revealed the root cause of the whole problem. It was something I mentioned to a doctor at the first hospital. That facility shall remain nameless.

I also want give thanks to George Phillips of Oilpressure for his incredible support during our extended stay in Nashville. George invited me to visit his office for an afternoon. It was a much needed break and I appreciated it so much.

I am thankful for the races I did get to attend. Thanks to Ed and Becky Murray for being incredible hosts at the St. Petersburg race.

Of course I am thankful that IMS and Indycar are owned by Roger Penske. Sometimes I wonder how they would have survive through 2020 without his leadership.

Finally I am thankful and grateful for all who read this column. I appreciate the concern and support I have received this summer. I appreciate every one of you.

Don’t take anyone for granted.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “A Few Notes of Thanks

  1. Well Mike, you’re on my “thankful for” list. It is so refreshing to have someone not only writing from a fan’s perspective and for fans’ benefit, but also from a good heart. There is so much trolling, stone-throwing and negativity out there, and The Pit Window provides a refuge from all of that. May you and Marti have a happy Thanksgiving and may she continue her recovery. Take care.


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