Calderon: Step by Step

Tatiana Calderon plans to ease into her rookie year, hoping her experience in other single seater series will ease her transition. The newest member of A. J. Foyt Racing is eager to get started. Calderon will drive the number 11 ROKiT car in 2022.She is happy to spend this year learning the series on road and street courses before try an oval.

Calderon believes her time in Super Formula and F2 will help her adjust to Indycar quickly in spite of limited preseason testing.

“I think they will be very
useful, all those experiences, particularly because there’s
not much time that we have in the car in preseason, so
only a couple of days of testing, so I’m kind of used to that,” she said Monday.

“Because I’ve been changing continents and cars and tire
manufacturers, I think that’s definitely going to help me to
speed up the process, but I still want to take step by step
this steep learning curve. Yeah, I don’t expect it to be any easier, but I definitely feel more ready than I was a couple of years back if I had the
opportunity. Yeah, looking forward to making the most out
of it and to learn as quick as possible.”

There is no timetable for running on ovals, but Calderon is interested in running them eventually and one day driving in the Indianapolis 500.

“Obviously I’ve only tested the car one day back in July, so we thought to take things easy to start off with, the road courses, build up
to hopefully test in an oval, see how I feel, see how my
confidence with the car comes. But of course who wouldn’t love to do Indy 500 one day. Yeah, we’re just taking it step by step.”

Calderon plans to use her time in Indycar to inspire more girls to enter the sport.

“I will obviously make the most out of this opportunity, and
I’m really hoping that I can do well and inspire even more
girls to join in in karting, in single seaters, and that they
know this is also a great opportunity to showcase that.”

She thinks Indycar has a lot of opportunity for women

“I want to be where the best drivers are at, and I think
INDYCAR is pretty high up there on the single seater
ladder. I’ve always enjoyed single seaters quite a lot, as
It’s an honor to be racing in INDYCAR after I started my
career 10 years ago, and I was just watching those races.
Yeah, huge privilege in that sense, and I think here in
America, in INDYCAR, there has been many female
drivers coming through, so I think there is more opportunity
at the moment for us here.”
In testing at Sebring yesterday, Calderon turned 57 laps with a best time of 53,250 seconds, about a half second behind teammate Kyle Kirkwood.