2023 Schedule- Some Thoughts

Yetserday’s schedule reveal produced some f the predictable hand wringing, and while there are some disappointing aspects to the new lineup, there are some good things about it.

Better Spacing

Except for a four week stretch in May and the first week of June, the series races virtually every other week until the final three consecutive weeks of the season. The May/Detroit run used to also include a fifth weekend, which was a grind for teams and fans alike. Since three of the four weeks are at IMS, it shouldn’t be as rough on everyone involved.

I am glad Texas remains on the schedule, at least for one more year. I’m not sure if the reconfiguration will be Indycar friendly.

Ther are no conflicts with Sebring or LeMans in 2023.

Changes and Other Issues

The series just can’t seem to close the season opening gap. There are still four weeks between the first two races of the season.

Detroit moves to a circuit on the streets of downtown and off of Belle Isle. I’m not a fan of the proposed circuit from the drawings I’ve seen, but I need to see how it will race before I pass final judgment.

Moving the World Wide Technology race to a Sunday afternoon may not be good for attendance. I hope it is run earlier in the afternoon to avoid some of the heat and humidity.

I hope this is the final year of the second road course race at IMS. Irt is Indycar’s worst weekend as Indycar plays second fiddle to Nascar.

What happened to night racing? I wonder if it is a television issue, but I don’t know why a night race can’t be on USA network or Peacock exclusively.

A Better 2024?

I hear things may improve in 2024. Marshall Pruett posted on Racer yesterday that Indycar is looking at adding a venue, hopefully Milwaukee, in 2024.

We shall see.

Until then, make your plans for next season. St. pete is just a little more than five months away, and the Indianapolis 500 is eight months from today.