Indy NXT Changes- Better, But Good Enough?

Maybe the Indy NXT by Firestone prize structure changes announced last week are just baby steps toward an eventual return to the $1 million championship prize, or maybe this is the way it will be.

At any rate, I appreciate the transparency before the season begins. In 2022, the series champion was to receive $ i million dollars and a t least three Indycar races including the Indianapolis 500. Indycar bought the series from Andersen Promotions, and at the end of the year champion Linus Lundqvist got just $500,000 and no guaranteed Indycar drives. He has fallen off the radar, and his chances of driving in Indycar seem the moment.

Under the new prize structure, which is based on feedback from the teams, the 2023 champion will receive $850,000 cash, an oval test at Texas Motor Speedway, a ride at the IMS open test and rookie Orientation, a ride in the Indianapolis 500, and a drive in another IndyCar race. The cash prize is an increase of 4350,000 from last year.

Second place in the championship gets $125,000, and third place receivess $65,000.

The championship team wins $35,000. This is a new award.

Cash prizes for each race- $15,000 for the winner; $5,000 for second place, and $2,500 for third.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction. It offers more team the opportunity to win some money. I think the series needs to find a way to help the champion get a full time ride for the following season.

The Indy NXT Series by Firestone should have 19 cars on the grid in 2023, its largest field since 2009. Are two races and three tests enough of an incentive to maintain interest in the future?