It’s Barber Race Weekend

I love getting too Barber Motorsports Park on Thursday. It’s a chance to visit the museum on a very slow day, and the nRoad to Indy usually tests the ndaybbefore the wekend officially begins.

Museum visitors can walkmout on the bridges to watch the action, and the exhibits never get old. The Formula Lotus section has been redone a bit, with five cars suspended behind theirn traditional display area. All the vehicles have new, more detailed plaques with information about them, and there is a vido discussing some of the machines.

I tried a different way of arriving today. I flew to Atlanta, rented a car, drove the two hours to Barber. I’m not sure I’d do this again. Atlanta’s airport is the fifth circle of Hell.

Thursday also lets me appreciate the landscaping and whimsy of the track at a leisurely pace.

Winners should drink milk here as well, considering George Barber was in the dairy business

Museum Highlights

My first stop at the Barber Museum is to pay my respects to Dan Gurney and John Surtees.

Some Track Action

Radical Cup

I will have my Race preview up tomorrow mornong.

A reminder – 100 Days to Indy premeires tonight on the CW at 9 Eastern. It will be on nthe CW app tomrrow. I nwill have my thoughts on it sometime this weekend. Just keep in mind that if you read this column, you are not the target audience. View it from that perspective.