Detroit Post Script and Photos

Just a few leftover notes from Belle Isle:

This was the first time I parked on the island.  I had no idea how large the island is until this year. the track is nestled in one corner but there is a lot more there.  the shuttle bus drove by what was at one time a zoo. It is now a collection of dilapidated buildings and weather worn wooden wooden fencing.  there are baseball and softball diamonds, picnic shelters, and lots of wild areas.  In its heyday, the park must have been a grand place.  The area around the track appears to be undergoing restoration. restoring the entire park will take years.

Parking on the island made me more impressed about what a massive undertaking it is to stage a street race.  The   amount of staffing required  is tremendous, and the logistics are well beyond my capacity to figure out. My hat is off to whoever puts this together.

Now on to some racing stuff.

I learned this weekend that the new aeroscreen will not have a wiper blade to remove moisture from the windshield.  A race like Saturday could be even more difficult when the device is installed. Drivers will not be able to tear off oily or dirty screens.

My friend Eric Smith of Race Review Online made the point that this may be the last year we will be able to watch the drivers work the steering wheel inside the car.  The new screen is really high.  watching the drivers work the steering wheel is one of the things I like about certain tracks.  Turn 1 at St. Pete, for example, is  a great place to see hand action.  This past Saturday was really good for that too.  Thanks, Marco.

It is still difficult to believe we are near the halfway point of the season and Will Power has not won a race. Through Saturday, neither Power nor Scott Dixon had won.  I look for Power to win one of the next two races, either this weekend at Texas or at Pocono.

I must agree with George Phillips of Oilpressure that if a driver does something one time, it is not a tradition. Last year at Belle Isle was the first time the podium and Victory Celebration was held at the fountain. Jumping in was not an option in the past. Dixon did not jump in last year when he won on Saturday.  I guess I have to add this ritual  to my Dumb Things Winners Do Department along with spilling milk   over your head and kissing the bricks.

Here are some photos I took last weekend.  Back to talk about Texas later this week.

dgp19 113

dgp19 054

dgp19 111

dgp19 116