iRacing: Qualifications Underway for Open-Wheels 500

The first day of qualifying for the Open Wheels 500, an iracing event, beagn at 6 am Saturday morning and continues until 5:50 pm.

Race Director Tanner John Watkins said,

“You can watch 6 am to 5 pm at and then from 5 to 5:50 PM on RaceSpot TV (search RaceSpot TV on YouTube)”
I watched a bit of practice yesterday. The realism is amazing. I recommend watching.
 Today the pole is up for grabs as drivers take single runs in two groups. Tomorrow is Bump Day. Drivers will have a chance to re-qualify Sunday.
As of the time I’m writing, 11 cars have qualified. Marco Aurelio Brasil recorded the fastest time with a four lap average of 229.611.