Farewell, Target

I am as stunned as everyone else at the news of Target leaving the series at the end of the season. This should not be a surprise. I felt this day would come, but the suddenness and reality of it really hit hard. twenty-seven seasons as a sponsor with one team is an amazing record. I doubt we’ll ever see that again. So, I thank Target for their sponsorship of Indycar.

I am very sponsor loyal. When Dollar General sponsored Sara Fisher’s cars, I shopped there.  When they ended the relationship, I stopped shopping there. When Verizon came on board as the series’ sponsor, I switched to Verizon.My car rides on Firestone tires. I will now be looking for a new place to do my shopping after September 18. Silly? Definitely. Petty? You bet.

There is an other issue with Indycar sponsors. Many are things not readily available to the average consumer.  NTT Data,  ABC Supply, and Gallagher don’t have products a regular person like me can purchase.  Notice I didn’t say normal person.

Realistically, sponsors come and go.  We  fans can show our gratitude with our dollars. We can show our disappointment the same way. I’m not urging a boycott of Target. That is an individual choice.

I will miss the beautiful red cars, and especially the lightning bolts that returned to the livery this season. Apparently, Chip knew this was coming and appears to have a plan in place. My concern is Tony Kanaan may be the odd man out.


I am heading to Mid-Ohio tomorrow. It is one of my favorite venues and the one I have been to the most outside of IMS. It sounds like many people I haven’t seen in a long time will be there. I’m very excited to reunite with them.  More on Mid-Ohio tomorrow before I leave.