Off Season Thoughts- Driver Musical Chairs, Rules, and Points

Today is the day. Josef Newgarden’s deadline to act on the offer from Ed Carpenter Racing is today.  What he decides determines many things. Where will Juan Pablo Montoya be next year?  Will he bump Tony Kanaan out of Ganssi? I have heard he has talked to Carpenter. I honestly don’t see that as a fit at all. I would think Fuzzy’s would want a more personable driver for their car.

Another factor is Carlin.Will they make the jump to IndyCar? Will they partner with KV/KVSH or just buy them outright? Will Max Chilton go there creating an opening at Ganassi?

A.J. Foyt Racing will have at least one opening. It could be Kanaan, if he leaves Ganassi.

Coyne apparently has signed Sebastian Bourdais. Conor Daly is rumored to be under contract for next year as well.

My suggestion- If you’re not going to the season opener at St. Pete, have a friend who is mail you a spotter’s guide. That will give you plenty of time to learn names and car numbers before the 101st Indianapolis 500.


The aerokit packages are frozen for next year and a new universal kit will be on the cars for 2018.  This means that unless Honda can develop a stronger engine package, Chevrolet will again dominate in 2017. I’m all for the new universal kit, but for next year I think the teams should be given leeway to work on the kits themselves.

I hope the 2018 aero package makes Indycars look more like Indy cars and less like single seat sportscars.


Double points, like interleague play in baseball, is played out and needs to be eliminated.  Yes the 500 is the most important race, but it still counts as one race in the standings.  The final race of the season should not count as double points, especially on a road course. Let the championship be decided as it happens. if someone clinches the title with two races to go, so be it. Very few World series have ended with a game-winning home run. Not every series goes seven games.

Qualifying points at Indy- There are way too many points awarded for qualifying.  I can understand the need to award points in the current format, which I wrote about in May, but I don’t think the pole winner should get more than 25 points.  Then each position after that receives one less point. Positions 25-33 get one point each.

Race points- I still mainly like the point system, but I don’t believe every driver in a race should get points. I liked the old CART/USAC system of awarding points to the top twelve spots only. I also would like to do away with a bonus point for leading a lap. This would tighten up the points battle and eliminate the need for double points races.

I think I’ve fixed Indycar enough for one day.  I need to take the rest of the day off. I’m going to the Red Bull Air Races Sunday. I’ll have a report on that next week.  Have a great weekend.



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