Quick Thoughts- Long Beach Qualifying

Photo by Kyle McInnes

I really like Indycar Live before qualifying. Krista Voda and A. J. Almendinger did a great job on the set and also in the time between rounds on NBC Gold.  I hope we see this more before qualifying.  In fact a midweek Indycar show might be nice.

I would be happy to not hear the term “Go Fast Day” ever again. I really don’t want to hear it on Pole Day at IMS.

That was a great qualifying session. Every round had some intrigue.

Felix Rosenqvist is having an awfull difficult time at Long Beach. If he doesn’t cause a caution tomorrow, I’ll be surprised.

Once again, Hinchcliffe and Bourdais get bitten by the red bug.

Is this the beginning of Pagenaud’s resurgence?

Is this the real beginning of Rossi’s season?

Honda cars seem a lot faster than the Chevys on black tires.

Graham rahal now has been in The Fast Six two races in a row and Sato just missed.  The RLL team has found something. I hope it continues.

Look for a complete qualifying report on Wildfire Sports tomorrow.

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