Homecoming- A Trip to IMS

I have been back in Indianapolis since Wednesday afternoon. This morning I took a drive to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  I had to for my own peace of mind. Just driving by it on 16th street brought a measure of comfort.  I parked on Main Street and walked back to the track.

The first thing I noticed was the lot on the corner of 16th and Georgetown being paved. Further up Georgetown a lot of construction is happening on the west side. I’m not sure what the end product will be, but it will be an improvement. The most noticeable major renovation is the extension of outer fence into Georgetown Road. A perhaps unintended consequence of the boundary extension is the creation of a biking/walking path which people were taking advantage of this pleasant Saturday morning.

It was sad knowing that the track will not be opening as originally scheduled in 13 days, or if there will even be activity here at all in 2020. We will wait and see.