Quick Thoughts- First Responder 175

This race turned out to be more video game like than the others in the series. The finish was crazy, but the last 15 laps seemed like the drivers all lost focus at once.

So much for calculated pit strategy. Will Power made the best move pitting again just 12 laps after his first stop. The late yellows hurt him though. They hurt everyone. It was fun with all the different pit strategies going on, but the ending ruined all of it.

Is it possible to be jealous of virtual fans? They got to spend a May afternoon at IMS.

If only passing were that easy in real life at Indianapolis.

The one touch of reality was the length of the next to last yellow.

A 200 mile race may have been better, but I’m not sure it would have produced a cleaner ending.

An all Arrow McLaren SP podium would have been fun to see.

When museums are allowed to open on June 13, will Conor Daly be giving tours of the Daly Technology Center?

Simon Pagenaud is the only Indycar regular to win any of these iRaces. As in real life, Penske drivers won four of the six races.

How much bad feeling between drivers has this iRacing challenge created. Will we see a carryover to actual tracks?

The sim events have been a nice filler, but it’s time to figure how to get back to real racing. We are still 35 days away from the scheduled first Indycar race.

Back tomorrow with more detailed thoughts on the iRacing Challenge as a whole.