Zanardi Update: Injuries Less Severe than Schumacher’s

A glimmer of good news tonight during what is already a tumultuous week in motorsports. In an article published today in Autoweek, the doctor who performed the surgery on two time CART champion Alex Zanardi, Giuseppe Oliveri, said that Zanardi’s injuries are less than the injuries suffered by Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher’s family and representatives have given no information on his condition since his skiing accident in 2013.  I was shocked that Schumacher’s injury was that long ago.

This does not mean Zanardi will fully recover. His prognosis won’t be known until he wakes up from his medically induced coma. Zanardi will remain in the coma until at least next week. The doctor believes his excellent physical shape is in his favor as far as recovery.

I find it ironic that Schumacher and Zanardi drove race cars for as long as they did and then suffer injuries in non auto racing activities. Of course Zanardi did survive losing both legs in a racing incident.