Zanardi Update- Responding to Commands

Alex Zanardi is making significant recovery after five brain operations. The piece below, written by Michael Taylor and published in Forbes today, also gives a hint of the extent of Zanardi’s injuries. He has to be one of the most resilient people ever. The Forbes article:

Former Formula One and Indy racing star Alex Zanardi has taken significant steps in his recovery from a devastating handbike crash in June this year, Italian newspapers have reported.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera today wrote that Zanardi, 54, had recovered his hearing and sight, and was able to respond with hand movements to questions from doctors and his wife, Daniela.

Doctors have confirmed Zanardi was able to shake hands on demand and raise his thumb to signal “Ok”, and also turn his head towards Daniela.

Italian newspaper Corriere today wrote that the dual Indy champion cannot yet speak as the hole in his trachea is being kept open as a precaution.

A multiple Paralympic handbike gold medalist after losing his legs in an Indycar crash in 2001, Zanardi was placed in an induced coma after suffering serious brain and facial injuries in a collision with a truck during a charity handbike race near Siena, Italy.