Dixon Seeking Better Results, Not Planning to Retire Soon

Indycar photo by Joe Skibinski

Scott Dixon heads into this weekends Honda Indy 200 at Mid Ohio still looking for his first win of 2022. Dixon has won at least one race every year since 2005. The Chip Ganassi driver has won six times at Mid Ohio. Dixon currently sits sixth in points, 69 behind leader Marcus Ericsson. He talked about the team’s season at a media availability yesterday.

“I think as a group and as a team, we just haven’t been
getting the job done. We’ll keep after it. I think Marcus has
had a fantastic run, leading the points right now; Alex has
had a little bit of bad luck. Just hoping for the whole team
we can get ahead down here and fight for another
championship for Chip.”

Some of the results Dixon attributed to overthinking situations.

“There’s been some easy misses. I think
we’ve had speed. There’s some areas where we could
definitely do a better job in getting more speed out of the
car, but even Road America I think from our Q1 time would
have got us through to Q3, but we overanalyzed the
situation, made a very big shift in balance and that knocked
us out of Q2.
I think at some points we’re overtrying, and it’s easy in this
scenario where it’s not as relaxed or just rolling as
smoothly as it could be, that whether it’s me or the team or
the adjustments that we make, we just may be going over
the top. We’ve just got to find our groove.”

Dixon talked about how thin the margin for error is in setting up the car.
“Right now it doesn’t take much to kind of fall out of a cycle
or fall out of where you need to be. So we’ve just got to
keep doing what we typically do, not try to make a big deal
of each situation, and hopefully get on a roll here soon.
Yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s one or two big things. I think it’s just us not doing what we normally do well.”

If people are having
those conversations I haven’t been a part of them. For me
I love doing what I’m doing, I love being a part of the team
that I’m with, and who knows what comes in the future, but
as of right now just focusing on this season. Yeah, that’s
all I’ve got to say really. There’s nothing to it.

Not Going Anywhere

Rumors have been circulating about Dixon going to Arrow Mclaren SP or simply retiring. Dixon was quick to shoot that talk down.

“I think for me, I don’t see giving up anytime soon. I feel like in motorsport it’s hard to make a decision from one year to the next, as
opposed to kind of looking five years down the road or
more. For me right now, it’s just enjoying INDYCAR, trying
to win races, trying to get back to where we need to, so
that’s where the focus is.
You know, the possibilities after I’m done, trust me, I’d love
to still be a part of the sport. What that means and in what
capacity, I have really no idea. But I love the sport. It’s
been my passion since I was five or six years old, so it’s
definitely something I want to be a part of for many more
years. As of right now, it’s not on the radar.”