Mid Ohio Saturday: Qualifying Could Determine Race Results

Today’s schedule:

Festival Gate Hours: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM 

8:00 AM – 8:20 AMPorsche Sprint ChallengeQualifying
8:35 AM – 9:15 AMIndy LightsPractice 2
9:30 AM – 10:30 AMNTT INDYCAR SERIESPractice 2 Peacock
10:45 AM – 11:25 AMUSF 2000Race 2
11:40 AM – 12:30 PMIndy Pro 2000Race 1
12:45 PM – 1:30 PMPorsche Sprint ChallengeRace 1
1:45 PM – 2:05 PMIndy LightsQualifying
2:45 PM – 4:00 PMNTT INDYCAR SERIESQualifying Peacock
4:15 PM – 4:45 PMStadium Super TrucksRace 1
5:00 PM – 5:40 PMUSF2000Race 3
5:55 PM – 6:40 PMIndy Pro 2000Race 2
After DuskFireworks

Today is arguably the most crucial day of the weekend for drivers hoping for a good race result. Mid Ohio is a track where qualifying usually determines how the race will go. The last three Hnda Indy 200s have been won from the pole. Drivers I talked to yesterday agreed that qualifying is critical.

From last night- https://thepitwindow.blog/2022/07/01/mid-ohio-practice-1-newgarden-leads-a-very-hot-session/

Today’s forecast has temperatures in the low eighties for qualifying, about 10 degrees cooler trhan yesterday. Practice leader Josef Newgarden said after practice that the heat caused low grip, which should improve today. newgarden also noted that the new Firestone tire takes longer to come up to temperature.


The top 19 cars were withiun a secomd of each other in practice Friday.

The 11 and 14 cars for . A. J. Foyt Racing are easier to distinguish this weekend. Tatiana Calderon’s number 11 has a white band across the top of the aeroscreen and a white camera pod. kirkwood’s nmber 14 remainms allblack with a yellow green camera pod.

It is difficult to finsd Marcus Ericsson on track since he is in a green and black car this weekend.

I’ll have more after In get to the track.