A Look at the Aeroscreen

The new aeroscreen for 2020 was introduced on Carb Day by Jay Frye, President of Indycar, accompanied by Andy Damerum, and Ed Collings of Red Bull Racing.  The device will replace the AFP, which debuted at the Indycar Grand Prix.

My first impression was that it is too tall, it looks like an enclosed halo, and if the open area is covered, we have a single seat Daytona Prototype.  here are some other views.


The driver appears to be sit much lower in the cockpit, but that may just be an illusion. I like seeing the drivers turn the steering wheel. I don’t think this design will allow for that.

One question that wasn’t asked was what happens on a road or street course when it rains?  Frye said if the screen gets covered in oil, the car would have to pit to remove a tearoff.  Removing a tearoff will not help in the rain. Are we about to see wipers on Indycars?

Part of the aesthetic issue is that the screen is being retrofit onto  existing bodywork. When the new car goes into service, the aeroscreen (they’re still working on a better name) will be better integrated into the design. That may help lower the profile.

I liked the look of the windscreen that was tested last year better.  I understand there were problems with it as far as heat in the cockpit and distortion. Red Bull and Dallara are working on a cockpit cooling system as well as a defogging unit.

I’m all for making the cars as safe as they can. I’m not sure I like the look of the car with this new attachment. However, like the original screen and the AFP, , I would like to view it in person on a car.  I’m sure there will be modifications as they go through the on track testing.

Coming up tomorrow  I have a look at the Victory Banquet. Watch for my Detroit preview on Wildfire Sports Friday.