Watkins Glen First Day Thoughts

Come on, IndyCar, be fair. First I fall in love with Road America-madly, deeply, in love. Then you put Watkins Glen, on the schedule. Now that do I do? Can I be this in love with two tracks at the same time? Those of you who went to Road America for the first time this year, beware. The Glen is every bit as great.

Of course, it’s different. It sits on top of a hill instead of in a forest. There are still tree lined portions, but not as many elevation changes. It is an incredibly fast track. The views looking out from the the track magnificent. You can see for miles.

I am still exploring viewing positions. So far May favorite is the inside esses grandstand.. It offers a great view of turns 2-4. From the top row you can as l so catch a glimpse of turn 1 and also follow the cars as they approach turn 5. The Stewart grandstand gives a great view of turns 9, 1,  and 11. You can also see the cars enter the boot and catch glimpses as they head back to 9.

The gift shop is very nice. They have a great clothing selection with many different and unique designs. It is centrally located.

I have a pace car ride tomorrow afternoon. It will p provide a better look at the track and allow a fairer comparison with Road America.  I will share my findings tomorrow.  Still dazed at all the home runs IndyCar has hit this year

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