Watkins Glen Day Two-More Exploring, Messy Qualifying, and a Hot Lap Ride

A. chilly foggy morning slowly became a warm sunny day. I arrived at the track in time for Indy Lights qualifying.  I watched from the Jackie Stewart stand, which is becoming my viewing spot of choice. When IndyCar practice began, I ventured to some other spots. I started at the bus stop then walked to the Carousel, turn 5. This is a very fast corner. The cars scream around it and head to the descent to turn 6.  I decided to watch the Indy Lights race from the Argestener stand outside the track at the beginning of the esses. It gives a view of turn 1 and turns 2 and 3, but that is all. Very limited viewing. I went back to the Stewart stand for IndyCar qualifying.

What a messy situation. There were four penalties called, changing those who advanced.  The penalty on Mikhail Aleshin seemed a bit marginal to be generous. Both Schmidt cars were penalized. Schmidt’s Indy Lights entry was also penalized in qualifying earlier in the day.  Scott Di x on won the pole, obliterating the track record.

Then it was time for my hot lap ride. My two favorite rides to date have been Sonoma and Road America. Add this one to that list. The elevation changes were steeper and deeper than I expected.  I felt a pull in my stomach climbing the hill in the esses. I felt the car write the letter S.  The drop from turn 5 to 6 was a huge descent. The corners of the boot had us straining our seat belts. It was a great ride.

Tomorrow I think the winner comes from the first row. I see the field getting strung out quickly. I think there will w two full course cautions that will make things interesting.

As an added service, I’ll be tweeting out points as they run every lap and a half.  I’m kidding of course. Tuesday morning will be my weekend wrap up. Have a great evening.



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