Indycar News ; The Greatest 33 Non-Winners, A Reader Particicpation Event

The long offseason enters its final fortnight in just two days.  I thought this was a much more tolerable one than most because of what seemed like nearly constant news.

The big news this week is Juncos racing, a pillar of the Mazda Road to Indy,  purchased cars and equipment from KV Racing, and will enter at least one car,  likely two, in the Indianapolis 500.  Juncos’s   long range plan was to move up to Indycar in a couple of years. The sad demise of KV allowed them to move up their plans. Additional races this year don’t look likely, but eventually, possibly by 2019, they will be full time.

Other announcements- Lear Corp, which had sponsored the outstanding volunteer staff at the Detroit GP, is now the presenting sponsor of the race… Andretti Autosport. confirmed they will run a fifth car at Indianapolis. The driver has not been named. Last year Townsend Bell drove their fifth car.


In 2011, The Indianapolis Star and IMS invited fans to participate in finding the Greatest 33 drivers of the 500.  The majority of the drivers who made the final list were race winners, of course.  I would like to do another Greatest 33 for the non-winners.  These are the guys who consistently came close but never got their face on the Borg-Warner Trophy. I invite those of you who read this blog (both of you) to submit your suggestions and how you would grid them, Indy style. I would like to find fifty, then have you vote on gridding them.  You do not have to name 33, just as many as you feel like. Criteria is up to you.

Drivers that come to mind for me are Rex Mays, Ted Horn, Harry Hartz, Michael Andretti, Lloyd Ruby.  I look at laps led, top five finishes, and qualifying results.  Who else can you add to this list?  Let me know.


Next week will be my long awaited (dreaded?) season preview.  Hope to hear from you soon.

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