The Greatest 33 Non-Winners Finalists

Note: Photo from the dust jacket of Hard Luck Lloyd, by John Lingle.  This is a great biography of Lloyd Ruby.


I have cut the field to 50 drivers who had great careers at the Speedway but never won the race.  I eliminated 8 nominees because their records were just not as strong as the top 50.  Some of them had great careers in other forms of motorsports, but didn’t do that well at IMS.  Surprisingly, 3 current drivers made the list: Marco Andretti, Carlos Munoz, and Will Power.  Of the drivers in this field, Marco is 5th in laps led.  Michael Andretti is the runaway leader in laps led among non-winners with 431. Second place Rex Mays led 266 laps.  This list spans a lot of the history of the race, from Ted Horn and Harry Hartz to Roberto Guerrero, Danny Ongais, and Robby Gordon. The complete list with stats is at the end of the post.  Names were selected from nominations submitted by readers of this blog.

The IMS website has a chart of these stats, my source, if you would like to analyze the driver further. Go to this link:

Now the fun begins.  From this list of nominees, grid who you think are top 33 in 11 rows of 3.  You may send your grid to me by commenting on this blog, direct twitter message, or reply or message on Facebook. If you have my email, you could send it there also. I will share your grids, with your permission, on this site. I will publish mine last, so that no one thinks I am pushing my list.

Have fun. Take your time.  Remember, there are no wrong answers. I would like to have all grids by the end of April so I can present a final grid, based on everyone’s  choices,  before the Indy Grand Prix.

I have compiled statistics in 6 categories for each driver for each driver:  Number of races, poles, front rows, laps led, top 5’s and top 10’s . The front row total includes poles, and the top 10 total includes top 5’s.

If the link doesn’t work, let me know, and I’ll email it to you.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Greatest 33 Non-Winners Finalists

  1. Fun! I’m looking forward to doing this. For me the hard part will be comparing stats with personalities and heartbreaks. I always tend to vote with my heart when it comes to IndyCar. I only recognize about half the names so the other fun part will be doing some research.


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