The Head and the Heart- Another Fan’s Greatest 33 Non-Winners Grid

Tuesday afternoon I received a grid from Patti Nolen.  Patti blogs on wordpress under the name ikissedthebricks. She recently wrote a book review of Chris Workman’s The Spectacle. Check out her blog.  Patti put a lot of research into creating her grid.

Here’s how Patti approached building her grid:

” I first ranked the drivers I knew. Then I researched everyone on the list.- not extensively but looked up everyone. Then I ranked them… Most of it was from my heart and then checked the statistics to see how they matched up.Finally I waited to see if I changed my mind and after all the interviews with Dan Gurney the past week I did change my mind and moved him up.  Mostly I had a ton of fun and learned something.” (bold mine)

Here is Patti’s grid:
1 Michael Andretti
2 Harry Hartz
3 Scott Goodyear
4 Lloyd Ruby
5 Gary Bettenhausen
6 Rex Mays
7 Ted Horn
8 Eddie Sachs
9 Marco Andretti
10 Robby Gordon
11Carlos Munoz
12 Tony Stewart
13 Roberto Guerrero
14 Vitor Meira
15 Tony Bettenhausen
16 Dan Gurney
17 Danica Patrick
18 Will Power
19 Ed Carpenter
20 Ralph Hepburn
21 Mel Kenyon
22 Paul Tracy
23 Joe Leonard
24 Pancho Carter
25 Eddie Hearne
26 Johnny Thomson
27 Jack McGrath
28 Duke Nalon
29 Tomas Scheckter
30 Danny Ongais
31 Kevin Cogan
32 Teo Fabi
33 Johnny Boyd


Please have your grids in by May 2. I would like to put out the final grid on the first day of practice for the 500, May 15.  Thanks.