No Fear, No Knowledge

By Marti Strum

Note: Marti Strum writes today’s post about her 2-seater ride Wednesday. The above photo is before the ride, the bottom photo is afterwards. I will have my qualifying preview out early tomorrow morning. Enjoy the ride.

I was offered a once in a lifetime experience to take a 2-seater ride around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I said, “Yes”, omitting the “Hell’ because I’m a lady.

Everyone kept asking me, “Are you afraid?’

‘No, I trust the driver.”

I felt assured. It would not be like riding with Mike when he’s worried about being late, or trying to find a place in strange town. This had to be less scary than a work day commute with drivers on cell phones, running late, with other things on their minds. So, no, I wasn’t afraid of riding with a professional driver under controlled conditions.

After I put on my fire suit and could barely move my legs I had to walk down some stairs and stand in the sun for about 40 minutes, I became afraid- that I would pass out and people would say it was from anxiety.

I had fun while standing in line talking to the guy next to me.  It was his first 2-seater ride as well. His company offered him the opportunity and he took it. He was a little bit anxious. We chatted and I told him about when I went skydiving.  he said he hated heights and wouldn’t even ride a roller coaster. Here I was trying to calm him down but making his anxiety worse, so i stopped talking. I’ve been told many times it will help things if I stop talking.

We were about three people away from getting in the car. We had just begun to put on our helmets when the PA started for the day. They played “Taps.” I tapped my new friend and told him what they were playing.

“Oh God,” he said, “that’s it. I’m going home!”He stayed.

Was it scary? I would say it was thrilling. All my senses were in overdrive. My mind boggled at how fast the car was going in just a quarter of a mile – about 100 miles an hour. (Passenger cars get to 40-50 mph in that time.) I felt like an arrow shot from a bow.  I was amazed at how fast we were speeding past things. I was sitting right in front of a very loud engine. I was thrown around when we went into a turn. I kept hearing a little voice saying, “Are you scared yet, Mama? Are you scared yet?”

My answer was, “I’m worried.”

So there- it was thrilling. All my senses were on alert and I loved it.

I wondered… at the end… if somehow I could have asked for the driver to switch seats with me, how afraid would he have been? Change of seats,change of underwear? Now that’s fear based on knowledge.

Martis 2seater 114
After the ride
Martis 2seater 107
Ready to roll

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