For the Love of Racing- The SCCA Runoffs at IMS

No pressure. No fighting for a ride for next season. No big money prizes. Just racing for fun. Just racing for the love of the sport.


The SCCA presented a great show last weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. After practice and qualifying days, 24 races took place over 3 days. The runoffs are the SCCA’s national championship events. If you didn’t care for the type of car in one race, the next class might be more to your liking. There  were sports cars, formula cars,  and prototypes each with several classes. I heard that close to 1,000 cars were entered. At breakfast Sunday morning I overheard a representative from Hoosier Tires say they brought 6,700 tires for the weekend.

The program runs very efficiently. Each race is 19 laps or 40 minutes. While the last race’s winners are celebrating on the podium, cars are lining up for the next race. Basically, there was one race each hour, with a break for lunch.

There was good, hard racing throughout the fields. Only a few times did the cars get strung out. The formula Vee race was very entertaining with the lead switching  several times.

The only disappointment was not being able to find a program with a schedule of races or  any information about the classes of cars or the drivers. The SCCA website did not provide anything except the schedule.

This event will not be an IMS perennial as the SCCA rotates the runoffs. I hope it returns soon, though. It was a refreshing end to the racing season and allowed me one more day this year at the Greatest Place on Earth. Below are some more photos from the weekend. I’ll be back next week with some Indycar news.



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