Conor Daly Talks to a Couple of Fast Girls

Between practie sessions, Conor Daly took a few minutes to speak to members of the Indycar Nation Fan Club. Fast Cars Fast Girls, who broadcast a weekly podcast, conducted the interview. They are doing a series of interviews for Indycar Nation this month. Conor discussed what it takes to be a racer, influential people in his life, and his best moment on track.

Conor said he is most excited to get on track. “It’s really tough for an Indy one off team,” he said. He hopes to be out later today. It was evident from his tone that he is eager to begin preparations for the race. Practice for veterans resumes at 3 pm today.

As for his best moment in racing, “Passing Helio for the lead in the Indycar Grand Prix a couple years ago,” he answered quickly. He was proud of the way he got in a position to overtake Castroneves.

Daly said his father, Derek, taught him that to race you must be passionate, put everything you have into the sport. His father never pushed him to race, but supported his efforts. Derek is less hands on than he used to  be, Conor said. He is fine with that arrangement.

He talked a bit how difficult the business side of racing is. He dislikes that part of the sport. He has had a lot of deals fall through at the last minute. In spite of his funding difficulties, He has found someone who has helped him get rides and continues to aid him today. Paul Sparta, a successful businessman, helped him get a Formula 2 ride in Europe and helped with his current deal for the 500.

About his Xfinity ride at Road America later this summer, Daly said he has had an association with  Lilly Diabetes since 2016 when they helped sponsor his 500 ride. “I will drive anything,” he said. he has never driven a stock car. and he is looking forward to the opportunity. Even though he has just the two drives this season, Dalynismcontent with his current situation.

The Fast Cars Fast Girls podcast featuring Abby and Molly is produced weekly. They have a great feature on women in racing each week and a history segment. Their podcasts can be found on Podbean.