Fast Friday at IMS

It’s the day before qualifying weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Cars get their qualifying boost today. The weather is cool and cloudy with an threat of rain after noon today. With just a brief practice period tomorrow, any track time should be very busy.

The consensus  from most drivers is passing is difficult if you are third in line or farther back. They say that front end goes first. Tire management will be a key component of success on race day.

It will be interesting to see how the extra horsepower and the cooler weather affects the cars. How much of what they’ve learned the first three days of practice carry over?

Bump Watch

Which two cars will miss the race?

Any of the one offs are possibilities, but I think  Conor Daly and Pippa Mann are the most likely.

Here some more photos from yesterday. I’ll be back later with a feature on James Davison.

IMG_3232 (2)IMG_3238

IMG_3239 (2)
Notice the protector on the end of the rear wing.


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