Qualifying Update

Rain started after 10 cars qualified. Hello Castroneves is fastest at 228.919. Slowest is Jack Harvey at 225.223. Next slowest is Graham Rahal at 225.407. Rahal is likely safe but will be in the last row. Oriol Servia’s run was waved off. He was averaging 197.334. Something is amiss in the Rahal camp.

Still waiting for an update on when qualifying will resume. I would say no earlier than 2:30 assuming it stops raining soon.

New Engine Debuts in 2021

In a joint announcement from Chevrolet and Honda this morning, the next generation Indycar engine format was announced.

The new powerplant will be larger, 2.4 liters. It will remain a twin turbo V-6 and have 900 + horsepower. Testing begins in 2021.

My hope is this announcement gives a definite plan that will attract another engine manufacturer. More on this topic next week.


James Davison’s crew finished repairs around 2 am. The sidepods no longer have the black lettering on the sidepods. Davison turned 4 laps in this morning’s warmup. Just 11 cars took advantage of the practice time.

The weather has suppressed the size of the crowd, not really surprising.

James Hinchcliffe is the next to qualify when action resumes.

Follow my twitter account, @tutorindie for live updates throughout the day.

Back later this afternoon.



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