Wickens Sends Christmas Greetings

In a video recorded December 19 Robert Wickens shares that he has been treated for an infection and sends holiday greetings. He does this while he walks upright in hatneshon the treadmill.

Here is the link to the Instagram video.

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This video was shot on December 19th and it really puts things into perspective for me about how unpredictable SCI’s can be. I was the happiest I’ve been in a while on the Lokomat, walking the best I’ve done yet. Fast forward 3 days and Karli convinced me to go the ER because of an extremely high fever that came out of no where. I went through a bunch of tests, and no one could figure out why I was so ill. Yesterday they sent in a doctor from infectious diseases and he confirmed I have streptococcus in my right foot. Which is a skin infection. Nothing to be too concerned about, just a couple days of IV antibiotics in the hospital. Fingers crossed I can get out for Christmas! I would like to wish all of you a wonderful time with your friends and family. Happy holidays everybody!

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