5:15 Update

After an almost four hour delay waiting for the rain to stop, Full time veterans practice resumed at 3:15.  The session was halted when Max Chilton had a mechanical issue (engine?). Adter the session restarted, rain again stopped activity just after 5:00.  NT Indycar Series officials decide the veterans were done for the day.  We are currently waiting for the track to dry so that the rookies and non full time veterans can get out today.

Takuma Sato led the session with a 226.9, followed by Ed Carpenter at 226.4.


What other track president brings cookies to the fans? Doug Boles drove a Corvette pace car to the  turn 2 mounds, parked illegally, then brought several containers of cookies out the trunk to give to the fans.

Boles took some time to speak with the crowd. He said the new surface dried more quickly than expected, in about a third less time given the conditions.



The crowd appeared to be almost as big as when Alonso first tested here in 2017 and rivals the crowd last year when the new aero kit had its test.

The rain has stopped but the skies look darker.  This has to be frustrating for the rookies.  I think when the track dried the rookies should have gone out.

Back with a final report later.

IMS just announced that they will try to get the rookies on track and that will be the end of the day.


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