Legends Day

It’s Legend’s Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Two events, the drivers’ autograph session and the memorabilia show behind the day. The public drivers’ meeting is at 10:30 followed by vintage cars on track at 11:15.

The meeting is mostly ceremonial with awards and introductions. The start procedure is reviewed and the drivers are asked to play nice tomorrow.

My favorite parts of the day are the memorabilia show and the vintage cars. I have purchased some great items at the show at some good prices.  I also just enjoy looking at the things fir sale.

You know you’re getting old when  all of the vintage  cars are ones you saw race.  I guess I’m a vintage fan. Maybe I should get a lap around the track too.

There is also an autograph session for former drivers, but you need to stand in line until noon to attend, which doesn’t allow time for anything else.

I’m working on a piece concerning the aeroscreen announced yesterday. I want to get some questions answered before stating my opinion. Look for a story Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tomorrow after the hopefully completed race watch for Quick Thoughts here and a full wrap up on Wildfire Sports Monday.


2 thoughts on “Legends Day

  1. At first glance, I’m not a fan of the new windscreen. It seems to have the disadvantages of both the halo and the previous experimental windscreen. Enjoy the day. I’m sure we’ll see you out there.


    1. I don’t like the looks of it. Disappointed in it . I think it’s too high. Looks like an enclosed Halo. Have some questions I want to ask Jay about it.


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