Racing to 101?

HiGood morning from a windy Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Race Day!  There has been lightning in the area and the video boards are already displaying the warning to exit the grandstands.  The weather forecast leaves very little time to squeeze in the race. If the race begins, 101 laps is an official race,

Knowing the race will be a short one will definitely play into teams’ strategy.

The last rain shortened race was in 2007. Dario Franchitti won a race that was interrupted by rain after 113 laps, restarted about three hours later, then halted after 166 laps. If the race is shortened, I hope we can get in at least 150 laps.  101 seems too short.

I wll keep you posted on weather developments through @PitWindow on Twitter and The Pit Window on Facebook  after 10 am.  Before then, I will post an update to this story.

If you’re coming to the track, be safe. I’m not suree there will,be an official announcement from the track or NTT Indycar Series officials before 9 am.


It’s 7:17 and the skies are clearing. Things look better for an on time start. The weather is moving north.


Weather appears not to be an issue at all now. Thanks Tony Hulman