Another Link to the Past is Gone

Photo: Sonny Meyer in 1960. Photo from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

For the second time this week, the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and Indycar racing has lost a legendary link in the chain of its past.

Sonny Meyer, 89, died Saturday. Meyer was the son of the 500’s first three time winner, Louis Meyer. He began working on engines as a teenager after his father purchased the Offenhauser engine business.  Meyer was directly in involved in at least 15 winning Indianapolis 500 engines. He worked with many of the greats, including Bill Vukovich, Tony Bettenhausen, Troy Ruttman,  Gordon Johncock, and A. J. Foyt.

The events earlier this week and now this news intensifies my resolve to continue writing about Indycar racing’s past. Beginning next month I plan to recognize  those links to the past that are still living, so fans can pay tribute to the people who have made this sport what it is.

As I have said before, should you encounter one of these heroes of yesteryear, please say hello and let them know how much they are appreciated. Time is speeding by quickly.