Decision Day

Number 54 will have to wait. I have agonized over this decision since IMS announced its ticket plan for the postponed Indianapolis 500. After talking to my friends last night, who aren’t going, I have decided to join them on the sidelines. Earlier i received some advice from a medical professional whom I trust. If attendance had been limited to people from Indiana, I might have leaned more toward going to the race. My concern is fans from the petri dish states like Florida, Texas, and California who might be attending.

I have gone to the last 22 500s. the last time I missed the race was 1997. I have endured extreme cold, tornadoes, and scorching heat to watch this most grand of all races. This year I feel is something much more dangerous than any of those perils.  It will be okay. If the television blackout remains in place, i will travel to another city to watch the race live. If it is lifted, i will watch from my home.

I will still attend practice days and maybe qualifying. Carb Day is iffy right now. The Speedway is requesting people in my age group not attend, but it now seems more younger people are contracting the virus. Maybe they should be encouraged not to attend as well.

I have thought that businesses were re-opening too soon, and this is not the year for an event like the 500 to take place with fans. I miss all sports like crazy, but I can wait. We are starting to see athletes contract the disease even when they are in a somewhat controlled environment.

I am looking forward the 2021 Indianapolis 500 on the traditional May 30 date next year. It still might be the 104th running.


REMINDER: If you have a ticket for the 500, today is the last day to inform the speedway of your intentions. You will not lose your seats for next year or your ticket seniority.

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