Day 2- Thoughts

Photo- Indycar, Chris Jones

Fernando Alonso’s crash was one I hope we don’t see on race day. there will be  people and equipment where he came to rest, and the results would have been worse. He is fortunate that the car missed the attenuator at the pit entrance. We have seen several scary wrecks when it is hit.

Anyone else get a sense of deja vu when Pagenaud pulled out of line to pass Rossi?

Ben Hanley and Dragonspeed finally passed phase 1 of the refresher and will be allowed to practice tomorrow. If there were more than 33 entries, this team would be in trouble. I wonder if the electrical issues Dragonspeed is experiencing are because the car was put together in a hurry.

Scott Dixon is looking better and better. the team tried a full length Gurney flap ,in the middle of the afternoon. Dixon shot to the top of the chart in the final 16 minutes of the session after going back to the shorter flap. he could be in the Fast Nine and be a race day contender.

The Penske cars seem to be the most comfortable in traffic. Pagenaud and Helio Castroneves look as if they can pass anyone at any time. I’m not concerned about where this team is on the speed charts. they will be up front Saturday.

Tomorrow we will find out if Alexander Rossi is really slow or if the team has been working on things.

Don Edmunds

1957 Indianapolis Rookie of the Year Don Edmunds died today at age 89. Edmunds ran in only one 500, but after he retired he became a master car builder of midgets.  Edmunds redesigned the midget into a sleeker machine than it had been. Parnelli Jones and the Caruthers brothers drove for Edmunds.

His death leaves just two drivers from the 50s still living, A. J. Foyt and Paul Goldsmith. Foyt is 85 and Goldsmith is 94.

Today’s speed chart: