A Great Day for Two Good Guys

It’s only Wednesday and the emotions in the Indycar family have been riding a roller coaster since Sunday. The joy of Pato o’Ward’s victory was tempered with the news of Bobby Unser’s death. But yesterday, two of the nicest guys in the paddock had great days. Robert Wickens drove a car at speed for the first time since his horrific crash at Pocono in 2018. Stefan Wilson confirmed he has a ride for the Indianapolis 500.

2 thoughts on “A Great Day for Two Good Guys

  1. That sums it up perfectly Mike. Saddened to hear about Uncle Bobby, but elated to see the video of Wickens getting into the car and onto the track, as well as Stef getting another shot at the 500. Here’s to his having 10 more laps of fuel nearing the end this time!


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