Notes From a Wet Track

The image above looks as if it were taken last Saturday, but alas, I snapped it just two minutes ago. Some cars were on pit lane at 11:45 as a light sprinkle fell. The rain increased soon afterwards, and the cars returned to their garages.

Practice is on an indefinite hold. My weather app radar shows rain continuing through the 5 o’clock hour. I would say any track time today is doubtful. With every entry guaranteed to make the race, losing a day may not be as critical as it has been in the past. Most of the teams have the benefit of the two day open test in April.


IMSA at IMS? One of the first goals Roger penske set for the Speedway when he bought the track was to hoist a sports car endurance race. I think he was hoping for a World Endurance event, but it appears an IMSA race is more likely, probably a sprint event of 100 or 160 minutes.

Adding an IMSA event means IMS would host each of the three major North American series, something that is long overdue.

New at the IMS online shop In an email today the Indianapolis Kotr Speedway online store is offering a 1:12 replica of Ray Harroun’s Marmon Wasp, winner of the first 500. It can be yours for just $599.99.

Third OEM There is still no word about a third engine manufacturer for Indycar. I mention this because yesterday Lamborghini announced they will be joining IMSA’s GTP class in 2024 with an LMDh entry joining Cadillac, Acura, BMW, and Porsche.

I will keep you updated on the day here at IMS. Keep checking back. I will post at 3 pm Eastern or sooner if I hear something before then.