TK Goes Dirt Trackin’

Tony Kanaan stepped out of his comfort zone at IMS this afternoon and took some laps in a midget on the dirt track. The exhibition was a prelude to the upcoming BC39 Driven to Save Lives USAC midget race August 3-4.

Strapped in, ready to go

Kanaan had never driven a midget racer before today. His first run was tentative. He got some some advice from Tim Clauson, father of the late Bryan Clauson, before his second 12 lap set. Kanaan was much smoother on his final run.

Tim Clauson

Kanaan’s first set of laps:

His impressions:

“I’m never going to complain about an Indycar being loose again,” he said.

Kanaan shares his experience

He quickly added, “I really want tio drive one of these things (in a race).”

Kanaan acknowledged that his Indycar sponsors might have the final word on whether he can entera midget event.