Legge and Wilson Crash Halts Practice

With about 45 minutes left in today’s two hour practice session, Katherine Legge ran into the back of Stefan Wilson, sending both cars into the wall. Legge made right rear contact with the SAFER barrier. Wilson did a three quarter spin nand contacted the SAFER barrier head on. Legge continued down the ntrack and made wall contact in turn 2.

Stefan Wilson

Legge got out ofmthe carb without assistance. Wilson was assisted out of the car by the AMR safety team and placed on a stretcher. he was taken to Methodist Hospital for further evaluation.

Katherine Legge

The accident was the first incident of the Indianapolis 500 preparation weeks. Indycar reset the clock to 30 minutes as practice resumed.

I will have a report on practice later today.

2 thoughts on “Legge and Wilson Crash Halts Practice

  1. It’s been a wonderfully safe month of preparation – unfortunate that this happened. Just curious – if Wilson is not medically cleared to drive – would Rahal take his spot or would that be up to Wilson’s team?


    1. We were talking about scenarios. One possibility is Katgoes into Wilson’s backup car and Graham goes into Legges backup. K’s sponsor moves with her.


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