Boles: Come Early Sunday, Be Patient

Speedway president Doug Boles encourages fans to get to IMS early Sunday for the 107th running of the Indiamnpolis 500. A crowd of 325,000 is expected. Boles said less than 5,000 reserved seats remain unsold and that infield parking is sold out. He believes by race day there could vbe just thousand seats left.

“If you don’t already have a parking pass, find another place to park,” Boles said.

Uber and Lyft riders will be dropped off and and poicked up at 10th and Polco.

Attendance will be the largest since the 100th running in 2016, it willbe the best attended race in 25 years, excepting 2016.

” I can tell you that this year’s crowd is going to be the best crowd that we’ve had in the last 25 years with the exception of 2016. And last year, you heard that same story. The crowd that we had last year, we are going to be significantly more dense in terms of our population ,” Boles explaine

Entry is expectred to be easier on race day with the use of new walk throiugh gates. Fans will not have to empty their pockets of items. if the detectoers sense something unusual, the fan will undergo a secondary screening.

Boles and the security personnel present emphasized the ban on drones at the speedway.

NTT Data will provide real time updates on the Indycar app to show fans which gates are the least busy, and fans are encouraged to go to those gates for faster entry. The technolgy will also informspectators which cioncession stands have the shortest lines a swell. The system displays red, yellow, or green dots to indicate the staus of the gates and concesion stands.

Chief Upchurch of the Speedway Police Department said that there will be 1,100 security personnel present on Sunday.

More than 28 local, stae, and federal agencies coordinate to ensure fan safety for the race.

After the race, Boles emphasized that fans need patience when leaving. The first priority is pedestrians. He expects it will take two and a half hours to get everyone out of the track.

“When everybody at the exact same time wants to get out there’s only so many roads. So it does take a little while. We just ask peopleto have patience with coming in. But especially getting out. We’ll hear 15 inutes after the race has stopped why aren’t we moving? Well, first of all, we have to give 325,000 pedestrians out before we allow the roads immediately near the Speedway, especially north of 16th Street to have cars on them.”

2 thoughts on “Boles: Come Early Sunday, Be Patient

  1. I was not impressed with the walk through gates. We were about fourth in line and it took much longer than the old way of opening your bag. Then when we did get to go through something in our bag set it off and we basically had to empty our bag, leave the suspected items on a table and go back through with our bag. Zach had to go through three times before he didn’t set it off. I’d plan to go very early because I think there could be huge delays.


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