Quick Impressions- GP of St. Petersburg Kickoff

The first impression walking towardthe Dali Museum is there is no entry gate, no bridge to walk over, nothing that looks like a race track.

The area is huge when it is not confined by walls and fencing.

It was weird to see cars driving the wrong way down Dan Weldon Way.

The event was well attended. It was obvious that Mayor Rick Kriseman is a huge supporter of the race.

With Indycar testing on the West coast, Kyle Kirkwood, Indy Pro 2000 driver, was the only representative of Indycar.

Here are some photos.

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Fearless (and mostly wrong) Predictions for 2018

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The IndyCar season is finally here. It has been one of the busiest off seasons in a long time. It was great to see all the positive news, but it doesn’t replace seeing cars on track. We get some answers this weekend to some questions that remain: How will the new aero package race? Will there be more passing? Can a smaller team fight for the title? Will the longer braking zones make racing better? We should know the answer by turn 1 Sunday.

Here are my predictions for the season, subject to change of course.

St. Pete- Graham Rahal

Indianapolis 500- Will Power

IndyCar season champion- Alexander Rossi

Rookie of the year- Zach Veach

Number of race winners- 10

. Back tomorrow with a qualifying summary. Enjoy the race. It’s great to have IndyCar back.