Who Will Make the Cut?

Thanks to all who nominated drivers for the Greatest 33 Non Winners project. I have learned a lot from doing this. First, Indycar fans not only are passionate, but they are knowledgeable and respect the sport’s past. I always thought that, but in discussions with some people, including some I do not know well, this came through loud and clear. Second, some drivers I thought would look great statistically did come out so well in comparison. I was quite surprised by some drivers’ overall records, both good and bad. In any case, this has been a lot of fun so far.

I am looking to cut my 58 nominees down to 50. After the race at St. Pete next week, I will announce the 50 finalists for you to choose and grid. I am using a statistical formula based on poles, front row starts, laps led, top 5 and top 10 finishes. I have not been surprised by who the top 10 are, although the order was not quite what I though it would be. A couple current drivers fared very well.

Part of the grid will be chosen with my head and part of it with my heart. That is just natural.  Keep in mind this is all for fun. I hope this helps fill the gap between St. Pete and Long Beach.

Here are the drivers with the most nominations:

Michael Andretti     8

Rex Mays                     5

Scott Goodyear           5

Lloyd Ruby                    5

Harry Hartz                  4

Ted Horn                       4

Vito Meira                     4

Robby Gordon               4

I’ll be back Monday with the dreaded season preview and some Indycar news.

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