Some Final Thoughts on Qualifications

Should Indianapolis 500 qualifying be just a one day show? The last chance shootout resulted in almost an hour of no on track action. The shootout should probably be flexible depending on the number of cars involved. I will expand on this thought tomorrow.

What happened to Chevy? The engines seemed equal with Honda during the week, but they didn’t take kindly to the added boost. I hope they are more competitive during the race.

One thing I realized I was missing yesterday- the sounds of the cars firing to go onto to the track for their qualifying runs, and th3e sounds of the cars on the backstretch. The PA crew for some reason thinks every moment has to be filled with their mostly inane chatter or bad 80 rock n roll music. Here is what I want from the PA- car location, lap number, speed, brief driver bio. I don’t want music during the out and warmup laps. I want to hear the cars. End of old man rant.

The forecast temperature for Sunday right now should make for a pleasant day for fans and possibly allow some passing. Warning- it’s only Monday and this is Indiana.

This weekend’s attendance was the biggest qualifying crowd since 2016. people were excited to get back to the speedway after last year. The big test comes next year, when we will see if qualifying cab draw the same or better crowd.

So few cars took advantage of the practice time offered this weekend. I wonder if those pre -qualifying periods will be reduced in the future. Only 5 of 14 cars took practice laps yesterday.

It seems like the pole winner for the Indianapolis 500 should get a special pole award sticker rather than the one given out at every other race.

The first three rows are a nice representation of the state of Indycar- veterans and young drivers competing against each other. I am comforted seeing that when the older drivers retire that there will be a smooth transition to the new stars.

By the way- It’s Race Week!